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How to check socket connection ?

How to check socket connection between filebeat, logstash and elasticseearch ?

netstat -anp | grep 9200
netstat -anp | grep 5044

a – Show all listening and non-listening sockets
n – numberical address
p – process id and name that socket belongs to

9200 – Elasticsearch port
5044 – Filebeat port

ESTABLISHED” status for the sockets that established connection between logstash and elasticseearch / filebeat.

LISTEN” status for the sockets that listening for incoming connections.

To view the count of socket, use

 wc -l



elasticsearch shield esusers

Elasticsearch Shield esusers management commands

esusers list
esusers list username
esusers useradd username
esusers useradd username -p secret
esusers useradd username -r comma,separated,list,of,role,names
esusers passwd username
esusers passwd username -p password
esusers roles username -a comma,separated,list,of,roles -r comma,separated,list,of,roles
esusers userdel username

ELK – Watcher Commands

GET _watcher/watch/<watch_id>
DELETE _watcher/watch/my-watch
PUT _watcher/watch/my-watch?active=false
PUT _watcher/watch/<watch_id>/_activate
PUT _watcher/watch/<watch_id>/_deactivate
GET _watcher/stats
GET _watcher
PUT _watcher/_stop
PUT _watcher/_start
GET _watcher/stats/queued_watches
GET _watcher/stats/current_watches
GET _watcher/stats?metric=executing_watches
PUT _watcher/watch/my-watch/_ack?master_timeout=30s
DELETE _watcher/watch/my-watch?master_timeout=30s
PUT _watcher/watch/my-watch/my-action/_ack
PUT _watcher/watch/my-watch/_ack
PUT _watcher/watch/my-watch/action1,action2/_ack